Slow accessories for huns

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IWD 2021

Wear your feminism with pride while support fellow huns. 50% of profit will be donated to the Asian Women's Resource Centre. 

Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand for the modern, playful conscious consumer. With bold and bright collections to empower women to be their badass-selfs, each collection is handmade in small batches to avoid waste.


Mother Hun (aka Jade), adopts a no-waste design where possible, using and recycling scrap clay in other products like the plant-based resin hair clips, along with using only environmentally friendly packaging - remember, green huns are queen huns! Supporting women, charity and creating a community is at the heart of Made by a Hun having worked with charities such as Jersey Action Against Rape, Jersey Employment Trust as well as being a Size of Jersey Ambassador, you can learn more here. As for community, head over to the blog 'Being a Hun' to find out creative and general life hacks from the hun community.. 

Hun sentiment

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