Sizing your Press on nails

Pressed by a Hun nail sizing - 

Making sure your nails fit like a glove is super important to me, because getting it right means your nails will last longer. Make sure to measure your nails correctly for best results. You have a few options but follow the video steps below to measure the size of your nails for custom sets. 

How to measure your 
'Pressed by a Hun' nails 

What will I need to measure my nails?

- Sellotape

- A viro pen

- A ruler

- A notepad/ paper 

How do I measure my nails for custom press-on nail sizing?

Step one. 

Take a piece of sellotape that will cover the whole of your nail, place it over your nail and push it down. Press in the side wall of your nails to help make a clearer line for measuring. 


Step two. 

Take a viro pen (other pens are not recommended as the nib may be too large and give inaccurate results) and draw a line down the side of the walls of your nail - measuring the widest part of your nail. 

Step three. 

On a piece of paper draw a table for both hands and every finger, see example in the video. It is important to measure every finger as some nails won't be the same on the other hand - better safe than sorry. 

Step four. 

Write down your nail measurement for each hand and add it to your order when checking out.