Frequently asked questions

What are your earrings made from?

In case you hadn't noticed I'm a little bit obsessed with polymer clay. I love how versatile and fun it is, it's super lightweight which means I can make big, badass statement earrings for my huns. My newer collections have sterling silver plated findings, so they're ideal for fussy ears. If you're not sure or have fussy ears, ask before buying.

I saw a pair of earrings I love, when are they coming back?

In an effort to be more sustainable, some items may never come back in stock. Going forward I will only ever make two batches of a collection, this means I can see what the most popular shapes are and make them in the second batch. This helps reduce waste and also means my huns get something more unique (- just like you), cos hun, it's all about slow fashion! 

Do you make custom orders?

Babes, I've totally back your back, if you've got the vision, I've got the skills, just give me a holla. 

This is awkward but my earrings are faulty, what do I do?

Oh my goodness, so sorry hun. You can either email me or slide into my DMs and I will either recreate them for you free of charge or give you a refund. 

Where do you ship to?

At the moment I ship to Channel Islands and domestically to UK. I also ship to Germany because I have a few hun customers there. So, if I don't ship to you, it doesn't mean I won't - just drop me a message and I'll let you know an estimated shipping cost. 

Postage, packaging and collection

Your hun goods are sent via normal post, so if you want tracking I'll be happy to get it for you, but this will cost extra. Packaging all environmentally friendly is certified as being so, it's also super cute and is a joy to receive. For shipping I have split the cost of this which means I've added a bit to cover it in the postage price. If you're a local, Jersey based hun and want to collect from me, then great stuff, I'll drop you a message to arrange a meet up/ collection. 

How are you sustainable?

I'm working towards being more sustainable and responsible, this means I reduce the amount I make to avoid wastage. I have invested in using only environmentally friendly packaging to save the tree and try and offset and damage being done to our beautiful mother earth (after all, she's queen hun!). I am also a Size of Jersey brand ambassador which aims to replant tree the size of a hectare in the Indonesian rainforest. Find out more here.

Do you do gift wrapping and notes?

Ofc hun - I can even write you a little note to your loved ones. I try and make each orders as special anyway, as I want all my orders to be like receiving a gift - I hope you like vegan sweeties, because they're included. 

How do you choose what charities to donate too?

I'm soo glad that through my passion I'm able to give back, and to me, giving back to my local community is EVERYTHING. It goes without saying I'm a feminist so giving towards Jersey Action Against Rape is a no brainer. I've also been lucky enough to help Jersey Employment Trust, at the beginning of COVID I was desperate to help those who'd be affected by job insecurities so JET seemed like a natural fit. If you want to see the hun community supporting a cause, drop me a line and let's start a converstation. 

Do you accept returns?

I hate to let the team down, but for hygiene reasons, I cannot return earrings, sorry gorgeous.