The Galentine's collection

Gal-pal-hun, I love you! 

From a young age us women are taught to loath ourselves, constantly change the way they look and to be jealous or envious of other women, things I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH. This Galentine's day collection is a celebration of femininity, self-love and friendship! 


I’m a firm believer in self-love, you owe it to yourself to be your own best friend, I frequently give myself motivational pep talks (lame I know), but after all how is anyone else going to love you if you don't love yourself?. I’m also incredibly lucky to have the support of some of the best and most inspirational huns around me. 


Whether you’ve had a shit time and want to buy yourself something special that brings you joy. This collection is guaranteed to do that, just look at it, it's soo bright and colourful it's literally hard not to smile when wearing! Or, maybe you want to send some love to a fellow hun, who's has been struggling or been your cheerleader, and with my GALentine’s collection, you can do just that. 

So, this Valentine’s day, let's CELEBRATE us huns!


Here's to self-love and friendship! 

Yes - I agree, but I wanna know more about the collection pieces:

We also have some extra cute love themed hair clips, these have polymer clay enclosed within, including scrap clay from the collection as well as handcraft cute love hearts. Yes, these are also made using plant-base resin. These babies are a total matchy-matchy bff vibes. Send your fave huns a cute token to let them know how much you love them, while you're at it get one for yourself too (I mean it would be rude to leave yourself out).

The Beyoncé choker necklace, this is quite the cute number and is perfect for looking adorably cute at all times and would be ideal for spring. Marylin is made up of handcrafted polymer clay beads, so each choker is one of a kind. What's more is it's a total slow fashion, timeless accessory. 

Bonnie and Clyde bracelets, these aren't your average friendship bracelets, no, no, no! These are made up with unique handmade polymer clay beads, with bold and bright colours and unusual shapes. They also contain lavish freshwater pearl in each bracelet, bougie, right?! Wanna give your bestie something truly unique like your friendship, well now you can! With the Bonnie and Clyde bracelets, you can pick your own beach pairings - cool right! 

Say hello to the Marylin hoops with sweet heartshaped beads dangling from sterling silver hoops, they are ridiculously 
cute, she also has freshwater pearls, bougie right?! They'd be ideal for a cheeky Valentine's day whether it's a gift for yourself, your bff or your lover.