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The Holly collection

Staying festive all year round baby - introducing the Holly collection. 

I love Christmas, and this year it's especially important to get merry with our loved ones, even if it is virtually, but one thing I hate about it, is waste!


Over the years I've ended up buying festive-themed jewels, only for them be a short-lived thing. Which is exactly why I created the Holly collection with a twist, I wanted to bring my huns some festive hues and feels all year round.


With the low-key colours and original shapes, the collection has the essence of Christmas without being a die-hard Christmas collection, so you can rock it throughout the year, even in Summer! 

What else is new? 

Well, we've got some new shapes and materials in the Holly collection, from edgy and organic wire hoops, overlayed studs and of course, brand new hairclips. 


The Holly collection has been a real journey, and it took a few attempts to get it right, so, to avoid having any waste I fashioned the cast earrings into funky new hairclips using resin. 

All, in all, I wanted the collection to be economical in its practice, combined with a subtle design and a no-waste approach - I hope you like it!

Merry Christmas y'all.

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