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Jersey action against rape

Supporting local women

To celebrate International Women's day, I have created a special limited-edition collection made with extra love for a charity close to my heart - JAAR. This outstanding local charity provides support to women who have experienced sexual assault or trauma. The huns at JAAR create a safe space for those for who need some love and healing, and that's why all the money raised from these earrings will go towards JAAR.

JAAR Heart earrings

More about JAAR

Jersey Action Against Rape is an independent and confidential service helping people to recover from the trauma of sexual violence.

JAAR has a dedicated helpline, website and on site counselling with access to qualified and specially trained counsellors and psychotherapists.

Need help now?


Dewberry House is another great charity offering counselling, forensic and aftercare services for those who might need them.

JAAR is working to prevent the incidence of rape and sexual assault in Jersey by raising awareness, dispelling the myths surrounding rape and promoting progressive thinking towards survivors of rape and sexual abuse.