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Well hello there huns around the world, it is an absolute honour to have been asked to hun it up for this beautiful new blog, and I hope to be able to spread a sprinkling of positivity to your day today. This is generally my vibe these days.

It’s interesting that the name of Jade's blog is called BEING a hun.

(Dare I go deep…? Oh go on then…!)

Let me start off with a quickie introduction. I’m Hannah and after 10+ years of trying on different personas, careers and dabbling in and out of “who should I be” and “what am I doing in my life” mode - I have discovered my true calling (I am one of the lucky ones) and have found my purpose. To hold the mirror up to others on this earth and help them see the best parts of themselves so that they can live a life of self love and freedom, and I do this through online mindset and life coaching.

So what is this “BEING” bit all about then?

In September 2019 I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking which completely shifted my perspective for basically life! Yup I know - pretty major stuff! And this new model of thinking offered me a way to have the things I ultimately wanted as a result of the actions I took, based on the choices I was making which was sparked from who I was BEING to make these things happen. Aha! The BEING aspect of all of this.

Let me break this down a bit more for you. It’s pretty mind blowing when you get it.

So ask yourself this… how many times have you said…

“When I have the time I’ll go to the gym”(________ or insert personal situation here)

“When I have more money I should really get into that program”

“When I have a bit less work on then I will try and make it to yoga”

“When everything settles down then I’ll…. (xyz you know what I mean yeah?)

“When I’ve lost a bit of weight then I’ll try that exercise class” (one of my personal faves after 10+ years working as a Personal Trainer).

Hmmmmm, any hands going up? We have ALL been here and said these things, am I right? But what if I were to point out to you that waiting for this “when” and “should” and “try” is like waiting for a tomorrow that’s never gonna come. You are literally intending to make magic and create goals and transform yourself on a puff of thin air / whimsical “when” world that doesn’t exist. (If I am to go a touch deeper… the future quite literally doesn’t exist! All we have it this moment right here right now - and this is where all life choices are made!) But this is DEFINITELY another blog topic for another day! But hun, this is waiting to HAVE something first… to have the time, the energy, the money, this is working and living from circumstance. This is allowing your external world (work, schedule, lack of time etc etc) dictate your life results! NU HUH! This is never going to go well.

AHA! So what if I were to simply invite you to reverse this process (also “The 180 Method” I like to use a lot with clients!) - and rather than starting any new journey with waiting to HAVE the time / money / energy / motivation / gym membership (waiting for a never occurring moment) you start by BEING the person you need to BE to then do the things and have the results?

But what does that even mean? How do you BE “less stressed” first? How do you BE “more time” first? How do you BE “richer and able to afford the things” first?

This is where you get to start the inner questioning and mindset mastery in which my whole work is tuned into. Where does it all begin? How do you BE the person first?

Once you commit to being that person who will do the things to have the results you desire - then that is where the magic is. And trust me - it all becomes very simple. EASY even!

“But Hannah, losing weight and getting less stressed and losing dress sizes and finding a new career are hard! I’ve never ever been on a weight loss journey that’s been easy and fun!”

Because hun, you’ve not been that person first. Have you tried to change all the things first? Change the diet plan, change the exercise routine, change change change and try try try but all from the outside in?

I’ll leave that thought there with you to ponder, and I hope you can start to see your results from a new perspective from now on!

If you would like to delve a whole lot deeper and finally discover the missing links to an easy journey to self love and inner freedom - GET IN TOUCH!!

Love You, Do You, Be You, For You!

Han x


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