Calling all crochet huns

Hello to all the huns out there and thank you Jade for featuring me on the Being a Hun blog. I am the Vick behind I’m from Jersey but live in London and you can find my crochet adventures over on Instagram.

I started crocheting about 3 years ago to help improve my mental health (which I highly recommend), and whilst learning more about fast vs slow fashion, it quickly became my favourite hobby and something I love doing every day.

One thing I hadn’t realised before I started learning was that true crochet cannot be replicated by a machine. Every piece of crochet you see on the high street has been made by hand. It’s quite bonkers to think that a crochet dress can be sold for £25 when it would have taken someone at least 7+ hours to make? When you account for all the other costs accumulated during production, you can safely assume that the person who made the garment has not been paid a fair wage - excuse my rant. But, it’s also the perfect excuse to find new indie designers and to start making your own clothes if you’re feeling crafty.

I am a massive crochet geek, and strongly encourage anyone who has been thinking about taking it up as a hobby to start right now! There are so many amazing crochet designers out there, Instagram is a great place for inspiration. It’s not just old-fashioned blankets and doilies, there are literally people who make crochet vulvas and it’s so great. When I first started, I had about a million different projects on the go because I was so excited to try out all of the different patterns I found. And if you’re not into making wearables, you can also try amigurumi (look it up).

I still have a lot of learning to do around ethical and sustainable fashion, and how to incorporate this into my crochet makes. Each piece is handmade by me (Vick), but choosing the right material is not always a simple decision. Wool is natural and biodegradable, but not vegan (and expensive!). Cotton is vegan but uses masses of water during production. Acrylic yarn is really affordable and durable but is made out of plastic. There are plenty of other fibres out there that I need to explore (bamboo is next on my list) and now lock down has eased I can resume my other favourite hobby of rescuing mysterious pre-loved yarn from charity shops. Being locked down in London during Covid-19 has given me the time to write down some of the designs I have in my brain and start putting them together to sell them as crochet patterns. If you are a fellow crocheter, follow me on Instagram for news on future pattern releases.

I am also VERY excited to share that I have collaborated with Jade to design individual, one of a kind bucket hats inspired by each Made by a Hun collection. They're perfect for the British summer and will be available to buy from the Made by a Hun shop very soon, so you can be the ultimate hun in your matching sun hat and earrings. Have I said hun too many times? You can also find my patterns on my Etsy shop if you would like to have a go at making your own. This is my first ever pattern release and I’m so excited to see your makes!

For updates on when the hats will be launched subscribe below, and for sneaky peeks of them being made, make sure you’re following Jade and I on Instagram.

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