How to transition to a cruelty to free make up bag

Everything cruelty free - who still tests on animals, who doesn't, why and how you can transition to a fully cruelty free makeup bag without wasting your products or your money! Thank you Jade at Made By a Hun for including me on your blog, especially when talking about something I am so passionate about - testing on animals is beyond unnecessary and cruel, hopefully this encourages more people to swap out their makeup products that are tested on animals for some unreal cruelty free products.


The links I have mentioned in the video are here:

PETA Article on China's drafted regulation to stop animal testing:

Top products/brands which test on animals & their voted cruelty free alternative:


List of cruelty free brands (with icons to display which brands are also vegan, have vegan options or if they are owned by a brand which tests on animals):


Cruelty free search:




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