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Bailiwick Espress

Online profile

Profile piece about running a business through the pandemic and moving to the UK.

March 2021

ITV feature

TV interview

TV interview about Made by a Hun: it's story, ethos and products.

September 2020

Stay Connected 


It was great to finally meet the incredible Jacqui from Inkblot Creative and chat about life.

October 2020


Get in touch babes

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Manner Magazine

Print feature

Feature profile about the story and making of Made by a Hun and current collections at the time.

Summer  2020

Evening Post

IWD 2020 write up

A write up by Jack Macguire about the IWD 2020 to raise money for Jersey action against rape 

March 2020

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Made by a Hun

Slow made fashion jewellery for badass huns who want to express their individuality through accessories.