'Pressed by a Hun' FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Press on nails

What size nails do I need for my Press ons?

You can measure your nails to get accurate sizing of your nails, please see this link for more instructions, but please note I take no resonsibility for wrong sizing of your nails. Alternatively you can order a set of 24 and pay a little more if you don't want to measure your nails. 

How do I apply my 'Pressed by a Hun' nails?

It's easy and quick to apply your press on nails, I've got a video tutorial or written instructions here for you to follow. 

What's better tab application or nail glue?

Using sticky nail tabs (see application video) are excellent for someone who only wants a short wear and the most protections for their natural nails, they can last from 1 - 4 days if applied correctly. 

Nail glue is great for longer wear and can last up to 8 days.

Using a two application method is best, most durable and strongest method as they can last up to 15 days while causing minila damage to your nails.

You can check out how to apply your nails with a two way application method here.  

Can I re-use my nails?

Yes!! You can absolutely re-use your nails. If you have only used nail tabs simply cleanse the nails after removing the tabs. If you have used nail glue, gently remove any glue residue with acetone or filling off glue from the inside of the nails. 

How long will my order take?

Please allow a lead time of  1-3 days to create your nails. If you need your nails urgently please get in touch with me (Instagram is probably the quickest way to contact me). 

How long does shipping?

I will send your nails via Standard royal mail shipping unless you request otherwise. Please allow 1-2 days after your receive a message that your order has been created for me to post them. I cannot take responsibilty for any postal delays, once they leave my hands, unfortunately it is out of my control and you will need to contact royal mail.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Unless I haven't created your order yet, I do not accept returns or exchanges unless they have arrived damaged. This is because I spent hours created your beautiful nails and if they are custom sized I cannot resell them.

Will my nails look exactly like the photos?

Photos of my collection nails are used for an example, all my nails are handpainted and re-sized by hand so I cannot guarantee they will be identical, but they will be as close as possible. Please allow a human working on your nails. 

I need help with my order.

No worries, boo. Just drop me a message via the contact please of send me a DM on instagram - this is probably the quickest way to contact me.

Do you accept custom press on nail requests?

Yes, absolutely, I'm so delighted to receive custom requests. Please contact me via Instagram with your request.