'Press on nail' application

Pressed by a Hun nail application - 

Making sure your nails last for as long as possible is the goal, so make sure you follow the steps to ensure those babies are on tight and fixed correctly! Check out the video below to see how to apply your press on nails or follow the written instructions below. 

Apply your
'Pressed by a Hun' nails 

Step one. 

Use the wooden cuticle pushed included in your Pressed by a Hun nail kit to gently push back your cutciles. 

Step two. 

Using the nail file included in the kit, gently buff the natural nail in a horizontal motion working in small zones, slowly work your way back to the cuticle. When close to the cuticle area use a 45 degree angle, this also helps push back the cuticle. See the video for more instructions on how to safely buff the nail plate. The nail file included ins 180/240 grit which is safe to use on the natural nail. 

Step three. 

File and tidy the shape of your natural nail so the edges are rounded, cutting any extra length if necessary. 

Step four. 

Wash your hands to get rid of any dust from filing and buffing the nails. Then take the prep wipe included in the Pressed by a Hun nail kit and thoroughly wipe the nail plate.

Step five. 

Apply nail tabs - before removing the protective sheet roughly measure the width of each nail by placing the sheet over them one at a time to access the best fit. Once your ready remove the sheet and apply them directly to the nail plate one at a time as close to the cuticle as possible (see video for more instructions). Once placed on the nail bed, smooth the tab out all over the nail using the cuticle stick to make sure it correctly adheres to the nail bed. 

Step six. 

For double-strength nails apply nail glue. Open the lid of the nail glue and cut off the top. Apply a medium amount of glue to the inside of the nail making sure the sidewalls are coovered. To get best results roughly measure the length of your nail bed before to make sure you apply enough glue to cover the surface area. Once you put the glue one, turn the nail over at a 45 degree angle and push it gently over the tab above the cutcile areas. Hold down firmly for thirty secnds, making sure you apply pressure on all the surface area that touches your nail bed. Then follow this process for each nail.