Bonnie & Clyde friendship bracelet

Bonnie & Clyde friendship bracelet

Bonnie and Clyde bracelets, these aren't your average friendship bracelets, no, no, no! These are made up with unique handmade polymer clay beads, with bold and bright colours and unusual shapes! Wanna give your bestie something truly unique like your friendship, well now you can!


Don't fancy all the beads in the bracelet above? No worries hun, just drop me a note and I'll switch it up for you. 


FYI - this item is made to order so if you're in a rush and want it asap, just give me a holla and let's see what we can do :) 


About Bey: 

Shape: Cute bracelet 

Length: Approximately 16cm with a chain for adjustability 

Colours: Pastel pink, red, yellow, marble white and yellow, lilac, purple and blue

Materials: Handmade polymer clay beads, elastic wire with silver and metal chains and clasps. 


How to care for Bonnie & Clyde:

With all my Made by a Hun babies the Bonnie & Clyde bracelets are handcrafted, the beads haven't been sealed and while polymer clay is water resistant I would advise keeping it protected and dry (so, not in the shower and the bath). Due to its dainty handmade nature, I would suggest removing it for any exercise or rough activities.

Babes, before you go, as Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand, products haven't been mass-produced, each item is unique, so may not look exactly the same as the photo, but will be a close replica.