Drew necklace

Drew necklace

Looking for a cheeky Valentine's day gift, whether it's for yourself, your bff or your lover, then look no further than this adorable beaded heart necklace. Drew is a cutie with handmade heart-shaped bead with a sweet freshwater pearl, bougie right?!


FYI - this item is made to order so if you're in a rush and want it asap, just give me a holla and let's see what we can do :) 


About Drew: 

Shape: Sterling silver necklace with heartshaped bead 

Colours: Pastel pink

Materials: Handmade polymer clay beads, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.


How to care for Drew:

With all my Made by a Hun babies the Drew necklace has a handmade bead that hasn't been sealed and while polymer clay is water-resistant, I would advise keeping it protected and dry (so, not in the shower and the bath). As the bead and pearls are attached using jump rings please be careful when taking them off/ putting them on as they are not secured and could easily be lost! 


Babes, before you go. As Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand, products haven't been mass-produced, each item is unique, so may not look exactly the same as the photo, but will be a close replica.