Hexi gal hoops

Hexi gal hoops

Even though winter is fast approaching, I wanted to bring my huns some cute autumnal vibes post fresh leaves falling to the ground, so we can hide away from winter for as long as poss. Oh, did I mention these are a new experiment for myself, the hun maker, and I'm kind of digging the terrazzo vibes. 

Shapes: cute half-hexagon shaped hoop earrings (très cute, but also edgy).

Material: duhhhh, polymer clay (my fave) and sterling silver hoops. That's right. I've done your lobes a solid and upgraded to sterling silver to avoid a itchiness for fussy ears. 


Colours: Beige, white, burgundy, grey and orange. 


*Colours and shapes may vary, as, after all each pair is unique and made by hand.