IWD necklace

IWD necklace

Consider yourself a feminist, and don't care who knows it?! Then this is the product for you my friend. This IWD necklace is a simplistic, elegant and totally badass necklace. Now you can finally wear your feminism with pride! What's even better is that 50% of the profit from this necklace goes to the amazing charity Asian Women's Resource Centre. 

By the way, this product is made to order to help reduce waste, so you if want it with haste please get in touch! 

About the IWD necklace:
Shape: This cutie uses the female symbol as it's centrepiece with silver wire detail wrapped around it to connect the necklace and silver female pendant. 
Colours: Silver, duh! 
Materials: Recycled sterling silver, sterling silver wire and a silver-plated necklace.

How to care for the IWD necklace: 

As the pendant and necklace have not been soldered together please take care when putting it on and removing the necklace as not to loose any peices.  To keep your necklace in the best condition please make sure that your jewellery is properly cleaned, polished and stored. 

Wait, before you go - Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand which products haven't been mass-produced, each item is truly unique, so may not look exactly the same as the photo, but will be a close replica.