JET hat

JET hat

No one can deny that 2020 got us all whacked. 

Jade (aka mother hun) read an article during the dawn of COVID about how women, particularly BAME women, where being hit hardest from COVID. Whether it was being let go at work, struggling financially or upping the amount they were expected to pick up caregiving roles at home, undoing generations of work by us feminists. This really prompted Jade into action, she decided she would create some fabulous rainbow studs - got to be on trend hun, and that she would donate all profits to local employment charity Jersey Employment Trust (JET). 

As part of the exclusive Made by a Hun x Made by Vick collaboration, Vick (the queen of crochet) created this beauty, inspired by the JET collection, because like you and me, she's a hun. And no one could have dreamed this hat better!! This hat is not only super adorable but also helps those locally who have been hit by unemployment during COVID. So you can look good, and feel fabulous too, knowing you're helping fellow huns out! 

Ok, more about the hat -  this hat is hand-crocheted using soft acrylic yarn and wool yarn. This hat perfect for the ever-changing British summer and because it's so cosy it's ideal for those crisp autumn days!  

This hat is super special and you'll need to treat it with tlc and handwash it in cool water, reshape and leave it to dry. 

Erm, is this hat sustainable? Find out more about Vick's material choices over on her blog as she uses lots of secondhand yarn. This hat uses a combo of wool a yarn.