Pollock collection

Pollock collection

Hi, did we mention me and Vick are a couple of expressive huns? 

Well, it's only right that we'd have a collection inspired by one of the most famous expressiones painters - Pollock. Crochet queen Vick worked with me on creating a fabulous one of a kind collaboration inspired by the Made by a Hun collections, and how cute this one of a kind hat?! 


Urgh, that transition from summer to autumn - the DILEMA of staying warm but looking cool, we've got your back hun! How cute is the pattern? 

This hat is super special and you'll need to treat it with tlc and handwash it in cool water, reshape and leave it to dry. 

Erm, is this hat sustainable? Find out more about Vick's material choices over on her blog as she uses lots of secondhand yarn.