Susie - layered studs

Susie - layered studs

Wanna look edgy, but still cute? These layered stud earrings are not only hella cute but pretty bloody edgy! They also shimmer like a diamond with the top stud having a subtle marble effect and is coated in plant-based resin. Oh, by. the way these are handmade in small batches to reduce waste -  yes, I am a slow fashion brand!


Susie product info lowdown: 

Shape: Circle and half-hexagon, two-layered shaped studs

Colour: Dark fuchsia pink and pastel pink

Material: Like all of the Made by a Hun earrings, the Susie studs are made using lightweight polymer clay, are coated in plant-based resin and have silver-plated findings. 


**just one thing, not each pair of earring is exactly the same, so the above image is just one example - after all, each pair is one of a kind and unique.