Wonderland hair clips

Wonderland hair clips

These beret hair clips have a total Alice and Wonderland vibe with adorable handmade hearts enclosed in plant-based resin. Each pair has one triangle and rectangle hair clip. These would be the perfect token to gift to your bff for being a hun (maybe even one for yourself too).


About the Wonderland clips: 

Shape: Hair clips; rectangle and triangle berets

Colours: Transparent resin with red mini hearts

Materials: Plant-based resin (yes, I'm an eco hun) and polymer clay. 


How to care for your hairclips:

Although these are resin hair clips please make sure not to get them too wet, as areas around the clay may only have thin layers of resin making them susceptible to water getting in.

Babes, before you go, as Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand each item is unique, so may not look exactly the same as the photo, but will be a close replica. 

  • Care instructions

    Looking after Bonnie & Clyde: 
    With all my Made by a Hun babies the Beyoncé chocker has been handcrafted, the beads haven't been sealed and while polymer clay is water resistant I would advise keeping it protected and dry (so, not in the shower and the bath). Due to its dainty handmade nature, I would suggest removing it for any exercise or rough activities.