Yellow hex hoops

Yellow hex hoops

Bring yourself that summer feeling all year round with these mini hexagon hoop earrings! These adorable Yellow hex hoops are handmade using polymer clay in a bright and retro design, they're also extremely lightweight and totally wearable! 

This collection is a mix of readymade and made to order, so if you want them asap get in touch before you order. 

About the Yellow Hex Hoops:

Shape: Hexagon

Colours: Bright yellow and white

Materials: Polymer clay and sterling silver-plated hoops


How to care for your Yellow Hex hoops: 

These cute hoops have been created using polymer clay, which hasn't been sealed and while polymer clay is water-resistant, I would advise keeping it protected and dry (so, not in the shower and the bath).


Babes, before you go. As Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand, products haven't been mass-produced, each item is unique, so may not look exactly the same as the photo, but will be a close replica.