Size of Jersey 

Helping to protect and preserve our planet

As some of you may know, Made by a Hun is a slow fashion brand which began its story in Jersey, so when it came to picking a charity to help Made by a Hun become greener Size of Jersey was a no brainer! Not only for their great work, but also to have the opportunity to support a local start-up charity - LOVE! I aim to make all my jewellery and products as ethically, sustainably and responsiblly as possible for example using plant-based resin and recycled silver, making earrings in small batches to avoid waste, as well as adopting a no-waste approach and creating new products with scrap clay. But sometimes it's just not possible to be a 100% sustainable, which is exactly why I wanted to work with Size of Jersey to become a Brand Ambassador because not only is it a great cause, it allows Made by a Hun the chance to offset part of the damage to help replant a hectare of trees in the Indonesian Rainforest. 

More about Size of Jersey 
Size of Jersey aims to clear and reforest four illegally planted palm oil concessions within the boundary of The Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra. The combined area of these four concessionsis equal to the size of Jersey, Channel Islands (11,654 hectares). They aim to achieve this through partnering with the Indonesian conservation group Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL). The project provides a great opportunity of the island of Jersey to offset approximately one-third of it's annual carbon emissions whilst restoring vital wildlife habitat in one of the worlds most biodiverse and threatened ecosystems.